How can spaceSense help me?

Are you an office tenant looking for new office space? Or simply want to engage good designers, vendors, or even get quotations for office furniture and supplies? At spaceSense, we understand the daunting task to sort out these needs and we are here to help you. Simply click on Find and connect with the professionals right away.

Will I be charged for using spaceSense?

Nope! We believe in building a sustainable partnership with you in your real estate journey.

I am not looking for anything at the moment. Can I join spaceSense?

Yes! We help companies like yours to keep track of your lease and other real estate related overheads like cleaning, office supplies. And the best thing of all, this is free! You will also receive timely market insights when you are reaching the end of your lease. Rest assured, we will keep a lookout for you on the best suitable deal available.

I am looking to rent a space but can’t find what I want, is spaceSense able to assist me?

Please send us your requirement here. We will help you narrow down your searches and give you the recommendations within 48 working hours.

I prefer to speak with a broker. Do you have?

spaceSense works with a licensed real estate agency- Sakal Real Estate Partners to guide you in every step of your journey, from query to lease sign off. Simply contact us.